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SWA-4100 Wireless Amplifier

The Samsung SWA-4100 (new part#: AH97-03207A) Wireless Receiver is here! Gone are the days of running wires across your home to achieve multi-channel sound. By adding this rear compact amplifier to your Samsung Home Theater Systemís rear speakers, you can experience breathtaking surround sound without the headache. How does it work you ask? The SWA-4100 (new part#: AH97-03207A) receives rear-channel audio signals wirelessly. Simply connect your two rear speakers to the amplifier and youíre ready to enjoy entertainment the way it was meant to be heard!
  • Original Samsung Wireless Receiving Module
  • TX Card Included
  • No Wires Across The Room For The Rear Speakers
  • Wireless Receiver (Amplifier)
  • TX (Transmitting) Card
  • Instruction Manual
Transmission System 5.8GHz
Compatibility 2009 Samsung Home Theater models: HTZ320T, HTTZ322T, HTZ420T, HTTZ422T, HTZ520T, HTTZ522T, HTBD1250T, HTBD3252T
Systems Frequency Range 20Hz - 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 75dB
Connections 2x Multi-Pin Speaker Outputs
Output Power 170W per channel x2
Dimensions (W x H x D) 3 x 10.1 x 6.9" (76.2 x 256.4 x 175.2mm)
Weight 2.9 lbs (1.3kg)
Power Capacity 120VAC, 60Hz
Power Consumption 40W
Color Black
How To Setup The SWA-4100 With Your Samsung Home Theater

To set up the wireless module correctly, follow the steps below:

1.     Connect the front left, front right, center, and subwoofer speakers to the back of your home theater system.

SWA-4100 setup

2.     With the home theater system off, insert the TX card into the TX Card connection (labeled WIRELESS) on the back of the main unit.

Important: Make sure to insert the TX card with the slanted portion of the card facing left.

SWA-4100 setup

3.     Connect the rear left and the rear right speakers to the back of the wireless module.

SWA-4100 setup

4.     Plug the power cord of the wireless module into an electrical wall outlet, and then switch the power switch on the back of the module to [ON].

SWA-4100 setup

5.     Turn on the home theater system.  Your home theater and the SWA-4100 module should connect.

If Your Home Theater and the SWA-4100 Module Do Not Connect Try This
If your home theater and the SWA-4100 wireless module do not connect after you followed the directions above, follow these steps.

1.     With the home theater system off press the [0], [1], [3], and [5] in that order on the home theater's remote control.
2.     Power on the home theater system.
3.     With the wireless module on, press the [ID SET] on the back of the wireless module for five seconds.


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