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Part # BP31-00024A
Product TV
Stock In-Stock
Price $19.99
Description FAN #2, LAMP FAN - SPEC. ON FAN G9225
Specification G9225L12B2-AG(WS),K220,PBTP,99G,12V,



IMPORTANT! Please verify that the specifications on the fan you are replacing (on the sticker on the fan motor) are the same as thie fan you are ordering.


HL61A510J1F, HL67A510J1F, HL72A650C1F, HLM437W, HLM5065W, HLM507W, HLM617W, HLN4365W, HLN437W, HLN467W, HLN5065W, HLN507W, HLN567W, HLN617W, HLP5674W, HLR4677W, HLR5677W, HLS4265W, HLS4266W, HLS4666W, HLS5065W, HLS5066W, HLS5086W, HLS5087W, HLS5088W, HLS5665W, HLS5666W, HLS5686C, HLS5686W, HLS5687W, HLS5688W, HLS6165W, HLS6166W, HLS6167W, HLS6186W, HLS6187W, HLS6188W, HLS6767W, HLS7178W, HLT5055W, HLT5656W, HLT6156W, HLT6756W, HLT7288W, SP50K3HD, SP50K3HV, SP56K3HD, SP61K3HD, SP61K3HV, SP71L8UH, SP72K8UH