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Part # AD39-00161A
Product Digital Camera
Stock In-Stock
Price $13.16
Specification SUC-C7,20,4,3.8,500MM,BL



IMPORTANT! USB data link cables have an LED indicator on the camera end of the cable. The LED has 3 colors: Red, Green, and Yellow. Red means the camera is charging, Green means the camera is fully charged, and Yellow means the USB cable is probably defective. An easy way to check most USB cables is to plug the cable into the computer only (not the camera). The USB cable performs a self test every time it is plugged into the computer. The lights will flash Red, Green, and Yellow and then go off. If your cable performs the self test, the cable is good. If your camera will not charge or communicate with your computer, your battery, camera, or your computers updates are not current.


Samsung AQ100, Samsung HZ10W, Samsung HZ15W, Samsung HZ30W, Samsung HZ50W, Samsung L100, Samsung L200, Samsung L210, Samsung NV4, Samsung PL120, Samsung PL210, Samsung PL50, Samsung PL90, Samsung SH100, Samsung SL102, Samsung SL105, Samsung SL201, Samsung SL202, Samsung SL310W, Samsung SL420, Samsung SL50, Samsung SL502, Samsung SL600, Samsung SL620, Samsung ST600, Samsung TL100, Samsung TL105, Samsung TL110, Samsung TL205, Samsung TL210, Samsung TL220, Samsung TL240, Samsung TL350, Samsung TL9, Samsung TL90, Samsung WB210